Yo simulé el viaje a la Luna


Lo siento, finalmente me hice consporanoico. Esta canción me ha convencido (I Faked The Moon Landing):

Y un vídeo que lo deja todo bastante claro, no sé por qué perdemos tiempo escuchando a los seguidores de la NASA:

Mira aquí la fuente real del vídeo. Y dime qué ves. Si piensas un poco, entre esta línea y donde pone «La respuesta está aquí arriba» está la respuesta a esta entrada.

«The clip is FAKED

It is not an out-take leaked from a NASA top secret reel.

It was done in a studio, for fun, and to entertain webheads like us.»

La respuesta está aquí arriba.

NOTA: aquí os dejo la letra de la canción, por si a alguien le interesa.

Dying in my bed, I leaned over and said:

I’ve got one thing left to confess.

I got involved with the wrong crowd,

helped to create a global mess.

So before I turn cold my story must be told.

I faked the moon landing

Thought the purpose I was serving was much higher

but the consequence was dire

I faked the moon landing

Cant take the world branding me a liar

I need the cleansing fire

Please forgive me

Did you see the photographs?

Making them was such a laugh

in a old air hangar in the sticks

While the real moon shone at night

we worked beneath the fake stage lights

with our moon dust made from ground-up bricks

That wasnt Buzz next to the LEM,

just a guy who looked like him

I faked the moon landing

When I cashed the cheque I knew Id sold my soul

and the years they took their toll

I faked the moon landing

Its my dying wish to get some closure now

but Im really not sure how

My memory for the facts isnt what it used to be

I tried so hard for years to put it behind me

Peoples lives got torn apart by our conspiracy

I dont want to that pain to be my only legacy

Later on that night I woke up with a fright

A silhouette was standing over me

Then a pillow lined with lace came up across my face

I could not breathe, I could not see

I felt my life egress

At least I managed to confess

8 pensamientos en “Yo simulé el viaje a la Luna

  1. jejeje, josete, ese documental no tiene desperdicio, es un falso documental, de coña, una broma del director. Este documental termina con una música que muestra que es una broma y con tomas falsas, pero los conspiranoicos quitan los créditos queriendo. Para el lunes que viene escribo una entrada sobre el documental.

  2. Una vez al año no te hace daño ser conspiranoico,ja,ja,ja.Seguro que te habrá traido la entrada más de una vivista sorpresa.Saludos Cordiales

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